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Inn Site Land Swap

When the BHCF embraced the Inn demolition project, it did so with the Foundation’s mission clearly in focus: “To preserve and protect land in and around Buck Hill Falls….” 

The Foundation is now seeking to exchange [aka “swap”] the commercially valuable asset of the Inn properties for commensurate-value conservation easements on Company-owned undeveloped land.

An overwhelmingly affirmative vote by Buck Hill Company stockholders in 2019 paved the way for that transfer, as the BHCF and the Company move toward exchanging the core Inn properties (~12 acres) as well as an adjacent property on Rt 390 (~18 acres) for conservation easements on 800+ acres, all prime watershed across from Route 191, including Metzgar’s Farm, “Lottie’s Patch,” and Wildcat Hollow. 

The Company is current working with the PA Public Utility Commission to approve the transfer and, if approved in 2023, we are now hoping to close the deal sometime in 2024. 

The targeted acreage abuts PA Game Lands 221 and is near ~900 acres currently protected by the Foundation. The planned easement will protect the headwaters of the Buck Hill Creek, which are state designated Exceptional Value Waters. 

An easement would mean that the Buck Hill Falls Company still owns the land but would forego any future development rights on the property. Current uses of the property would be retained, especially passive recreation, including such activities as walking, hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, bird watching, nature sturdy, fishing, hunting, picnics and camping. Sustainable logging consistent with the terms of the existing forest management agreement would be permitted, as would normal water company activities.

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Historic Photos of The Inn Site

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