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About Us

The Buck Hill Conservation Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Buck Hill Falls, PA. We are dedicated to preserving and protecting the natural resources and wildlife habitats in Eastern Pennsylvania. Our mission is to achieve conservation goals through land acquisition, habitat restoration, and environmental education programs. With a strong commitment to sustainability and community engagement, we play a vital role in preserving the natural beauty and ecological balance of Eastern Pennsylvania.


More than a century ago, in 1901, the founders of the Buck Hill Falls community acquired a large tract of Pocono woodland, both as a place they and their families could enjoy and as a legacy for future generations. 

Buck Hill Falls residents are the beneficiaries and stewards of that invaluable legacy that now comprises about 4,600 acres. The property is located between the Pennsylvania State Game Lands and other extensive private and public holdings including Spruce Lake Retreat and Skytop. In a steadily growing Monroe County, these open spaces provide outdoor recreation for surrounding residents and animal corridors and habitat for deer, black bear, turkey, fox and wildcat and many other woodland birds and mammals.

In 1993, as the community’s centennial approached, a number of cottagers saw the need for more active and vigilant efforts to preserve this heritage and established the Buck Hill Conservation Foundation, a tax exempt, non-profit corporation. 

Our forests and watersheds are threatened by human development and natural risks, including invasive species, pests and disease. We employ modern methods and work with leading experts to actively manage our forests and protect the natural value of our forests and watersheds. Our work requires substantial resources and depends on the generosity of our volunteers and donors. Find out how you can help.

During the first three decades of its existence, the Foundation has successfully completed a number of acquisitions, stewardship, and educational projects. And, in 2023, The Foundation was awarded national accreditation by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. 

With this accreditation, the Foundation is well positioned to continue to: (i) manage risks to the forest lands and watersheds under its protection, (ii) strengthen the organization and (iii) capitalize on opportunities to grow.  We look forward to your participation!

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What We Do

At the Buck Hill Conservation Foundation, our focus is on land conservation in Eastern Pennsylvania. We achieve our conservation goals through a variety of initiatives and services, including:

- Land Acquisition: We work to acquire land in order to protect it from development and ensure that it remains a natural area for wildlife and plant life.

- Habitat Restoration: We restore degraded habitats to their natural state so that they can support the full range of native plant and animal species.

- Environmental Education Programs: We offer programs that educate the public about the importance of land conservation and the role that they can play in protecting the natural resources of Eastern Pennsylvania.


We believe that by working together, we can make a difference in preserving the natural beauty and ecological balance.

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