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Community Garden

The Community Garden at Buck Hill Falls has a long and lovely history as a community gathering place going back to when the area was the original pool nearly 120 years ago in 1905.  When the pool was filled in and the “new” pool was constructed in the 1930’s, the area became tennis courts and then much later, a community garden. Our good friend and Buck Hill Conservation Foundation member, John Robbins, known to everyone as JR, created the community garden 5 years ago with about 14 beds. Soon after, the garden expanded to 23 beds, and last year, with the addition of surrounding land, the garden plots now number 47 plots on approximately 1.25 acres.

The Community Garden is more than a group of garden plots, it has become a community treasure where gardeners and visitors meet to catch up on the news of the day or share their garden harvest. Depending on the time of day, gardeners can be seen watering, weeding, and sharing gardening tips. The early morning waterers can be seen, many with children or grandchildren in tow, just as the sun is hitting the plots. In the late afternoon and evening, many gardeners gather with evening cocktails to talk about the day's events at Buck Hill Falls. Visitors who may not work a plot are welcome to come for a visit to enjoy the peacefulness that the garden brings and to see what’s growing in the plots. 

As you return to Buck Hill Falls this spring and summer, we invite you to come for a visit at the Community Garden. It truly is a community sanctuary and a wonderful gathering spot.

Previous plot gardeners are in the process of renewing their licenses and a few new gardeners will be joining the group from the waiting list. Please reach out to Ale McNeil if you would like to join the waiting list or should you have questions.

Ale McNeil:

Join our community

Community Garden Plots are limited and are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Prior plot owners are given an opportunity to renew their licenses prior to plots becoming available to other members.

A signed  plot license agreement must accompany your plot payment. You may download the agreement HERE

Gardening Equipment
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