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THE INN SITE: PRESERVING & PROTECTING THE LAND: The Foundation took on restoring the site of the former Inn at Buck Hill Falls to promote the acquisition of open space property consistent with our mission - whether the property itself becomes Open Space, or is used in exchange for easements on other land. Historic stonework, including the amphitheater, stone walls and tunnels, and the East Room fireplace - still stands proudly on the site. The features echo the glory of the past and the promise of future gathering and celebrations at the restored site of the former Inn at Buck Hill Falls.

BASELINE INVENTORY:  A comprehensive natural community’s inventory establishing a “base line” for future projects and programs.

CONSERVATION EASEMENTS:  The purchase of a conservation easement from the Buck Hill Falls Company on the 125 acre Jenkins Woods Preserve which encompasses the Falls, Red Rocks, the Glade and Glen areas and one of the last stands of old growth forest in the Poconos.

STREAM DESIGNATION: The designation, by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, of the Buck Hill Creek as an “exceptional value” stream.

ADELGID CONTROL:  Embarking on a program to control the spread of the “woolly adelgid” beetle that had been devastating our Hemlock forest. The remediation including the injection of over 600 trees and the release of Lady Bird beetles.

FALLS ACCESS RESTORATION & REPAIR: The erection of a new stair tower to access the Lower Falls area and the repair and restoration of the walk way and fencing that reopened the access to the Upper Falls.

SHELTER CONSTRUCTION: The construction of a Lean-to shelter near the intersection of the Ash Road and the Mud Swamp trails to provide a destination for hiking and cross country skiing and allow for overnight camping.

ACQUISITIONS: The successful completion of an almost twenty year effort to re-acquire Chestnut Mt., our largest and most ambitious project undertaken to date. This, combined with the donation, by the Buck Hill Falls Company, of a 400-acre easement on adjacent Spruce Mountain resulted in the creation of an almost 900 acre preserve, permanently protected for posterity.


Buck Hill Inn Demolition

In 2016, the Buck Hill Conservation Foundation took on its most formidable task: the demolition of the Buck Hill Inn. After 25 years of vacancy, the former centerpiece of the Buck Hill Community had become a ruin. 

The allure of the property’s scenic vista, the historic value of the Olmsted landscape plan, the founder’s Quaker philosophical roots, and the many valuable stone architectural artifacts all appealed to the Foundation’s mission, specifically its commitment to “preserving and protecting the land.” 

As a Public Land Trust, with 501(c)3 status, the BHCF heavily weighed the public benefit of assuming the demolition project, including the safe removal of environmental hazards. Following its Acquisition Policy, the BHCF could use the Inn property as an asset that could be exchanged for conservation easements on undeveloped Company-owned property. At the same time, the BHCF also focused on preserving a portion of the property with historic and scenic value while maintaining flexibility on the ultimate disposition of the remaining land.

Jenkins Woods Project 2014

Located at the heart of the old community, the area off Rabbit Run Road in Jenkins Woods had become severely degraded by deer browse and a growing number of invasive plants. 

The Foundation began work to restore the area in 2012 by cutting dead and dangerous trees to create a wildlife habitat and eventually return to the earth. A deer fence was then installed and invasive plants within the fence line were treated with herbicide to promote the growth of native seedlings.

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