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Heritage Tree Project

Buck Hill’s forests and natural scenic woodlands have been the inspiration and supporting setting of the community since it was founded in 1901. With this in mind, the Conservation Foundation, together with the support of a Buck Hill Cottager, is starting an initiative to try and keep our forests full and beautiful. The Heritage Tree Program will provide an opportunity for the community to come together, go outside, and systematically have a say in how we define and preserve Buck Hill’s forests. Primarily though a simple nomination system, community members will be able to propose special Heritage Trees that may be of great value to the natural beauty of Buck Hill and its surrounding environment. Put simply, a heritage tree is a tree that “has exceptional historical, cultural, and/or aesthetic value because of its age, size, character, species, or an association with a special person or event.” The overall goal for the Heritage tree initiative is to identify sensitive zones within the community and protect them for the enjoyment of future generations.

Project: Part II

The Heritage tree project also provides educational initiatives for proper tree maintenance and management. This web page provides important information and references to “best practices” for tree removal, trimming, and pruning as well as a preferred list of arborists who embrace the conservation foundation’s views and philosophies.

Project: Part III

The third and last component to the heritage tree project is to provide a program for the youth within the community. A simple curriculum will be provided for the camp-club programs in order to educate and empower children to embrace all of the nature Buck Hill has to offer.


Buck Hill Conservation Foundation invites nominations from community members based upon the following criteria (from the Penn State University Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory) :

  1. It must be a tree of unique and irreplaceable character

  2. Is must be of significant value to the Buck Hill community or its surrounding natural ecosystems

  3. It must demonstrate significant historical, cultural, and/or aesthetic value for the community

Nominations must include the location of the candidate and a short narrative explaining why it fulfills at least one of the criteria above

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