Trail Projects

Trail Gang: For two weeks every summer, a team of young residents work on upkeep and maintenance of the trails at Buck Hill Falls.   In the past,  John Styk and Corey Seese have supervised a small team of high school students on projects such as: opening trails, repainting trail markers, removing trash, and hauling the remnants of plastic deer fencing out of the woods. Buck Hill teenagers apply to be part of Trail Gang by contacting the Buck Hill Company office in early spring.  

Family Work Days:  In past summers, the Buck Hill Conservation Foundation gathered families to enjoy a day outdoors working on the trails.  The family work day activities have included clearing fallen branches, raking and clearing trails, and establishing trail markers in Jenkin's Woods and Chestnut Mountain.  All work days ended with a lunch provided by the president of the Buck Hill Conservation Foundation.  Join us this summer!


Jenkins Woods and Upper Glenn Area Trail Improvements:  Thanks to generous donations from a Buck Hill Family, the Jenkins Woods and Upper Glenn Area trails have benefitted from extensive improvements in 2016. Stone from the demolition of the Inn now fors treads leading to the Falls area. Concrete steps have replaced the eroding stone steps by the stone bridge at Red Rocks. Eroded and water-logged sections of the Glen Area Trail now have boardwalks, making the paths easily accessible. These trails are under restricted Conservation Easement. Non Buck-Hill residents who wish to hike these trails can request permission at the Buck Hill Company office.