2018. Falls Road Funding, LLC and Piney Road Development Company fully signed over the property to the Buck Hill Conservation Foundation. The signature passed a total of almost 33 acres of property to the BHCF, including the Senior Lodge. The 16-acre parcel that fans out behind the Senior Lodge had already been registered in “Clean and Green,”, a designation that not only perserves, but also reduces tax status. The East Room fireplace, preserved through the contributions of an individual Buck Hill family, stands proudly on the site. According to Chris Robbins, Inn project co-overseer, “In a village filled with impressive fireplaces the East Room Fireplace was always meant to be the most important a monument to the strength of family and friends, a testament to the strength and beauty of the land.” The fireplace hearth bears the inscription “The Simple Life and Friendly Cheer May all those find who gather here.” Historic stonework, including the amphitheater, stone walls and tunnels, and the East Room Fireplace — designed by Frederick Law Olmsted Company — still stands proudly on the site. The features echo the glory of the past and the promise of future gatherings and celebrations at the restored site of the former Inn at Buck Hill Falls. The Buck Hill Conservation Foundation proudly held its 2018 Annual Dinner Dance on the restored Inn site.

July 2017.  The Inn is down.  Please be patient while we continue to clear away the debris and refine the site. 

March 2017 update: Although the rubble is covered with almost three-feet of snow, Susan Worth Riley confirms what most cottagers already know - the Inn is fully down, leaving only the new West Wing standing. 

With the demolition coming to an end, and the work of transforming the site into a green space, we have rounded the corner and can begin to envision, as a community, what that space will become.

The following are the images from the presentation given by Dan McCoubrey, on behalf of the Buck Hill Conservation Foundation in 2016.  His talk highlighted the removal of the Buck Hill Inn and the redevelopment of the Inn parcel (descriptions will be added shortly).