Conservation Projects

A “Heritage Tree,” by definition, is one having exceptional historical, cultural, and /or aesthetic value because of age, size, character, species, or an association with a special person or event.

Heritage Tree Project - The Buck Hill Conservation Foundation (thanks to the generous support of an environmentally-conscious Buck Hiller) will create a database of heritage trees of Buck Hill Falls.  This spring, we will be asking for your help in nominating Heritage Trees in the Buck Hill community.  

In addition to our Heritage Tree database, our Tree Program will offer information on best practices for tree management.  We all love a vista and there are up-to-date ways on how best to create such views while preserving the health of the tree.  We hope that these new guidelines will discourage the outmoded method of tree topping, which causes irreparable damage to the structure, health, and value of the tree.

Invasive Species Control

Deer Fencing Project (reforestation)