Conservation Projects




Invasive Species Control

The Buck Hill Conservation Foundation has undertaken a Japanese Knotweed control project.

Following the guidelines of the Penn State Extension Services, a professional forest management service, along with a crew of volunteers, has worked to control the Knotweed that threatens stream banks, particularly along the Buck Hill Creek. The 2015 Forest Management Study located a large seed head along that creek, which has an Exceptional Value rating, and by Summer 2017, the seed head and downstream areas have shown a 98% reduction in Knotweed.

deer fence karen.jpg

Deer Management

Installed in 2014, this fence surrounds a 7-acre forest plot.  The purpose of the fence is to keep deer out while allowing young oaks, hickory and beech trees to reach maturity.  With the intense pressure of deer browse in the area, these wildlife food trees have been unable to regenerate and produce the mast food resources needed by the woodland animals to help them survive the harsh Pennsylvania winters


Invasive Barberry: A Haven for Ticks

The BHCF's efforts to control the invasive species Japanese Barberry is also an effort to curb disease-carrying ticks. Pocono naturalist Rock Koval explains the relationship between barberry and ticks in his Pocono Record Column.