Board Members and Trustees

The following is list of the amazing people who volunteer their time and efforts to make the foundation what it is today. Their sacrifices make possible all of the ongoing accomplishments that feed the momentum of this great organization and its cause. 


Board Members

Susan Worth, President

Charlie Dickson, Vice President

Karen Tetor, Secretary

John  Fretz,  Treasurer


Term Expires 2018:  Jean McCoubrey, Kari Richards, John Rodgers. Jackie Speicher,              Martin Watkins

Term expires 2019:  Jeff Hayes, Carol Klatt, Chrissy Brogan, John Fretz, Charlie Dickson

Term expires 2020:  Keith Baer, Bonnie Brennan, Kathy Legg, Susan Reilly , Fred Ruben,         Karen Tetor, Thaddeus Tracy


Nancy Hopkins


Jack Dugan, Susan Roberts, Marina Ottaway, Frank May, Gail Rose, Chris Mitchell, Tom Widing, Susan Huffman


John Styk

Buck hill falls Company Liaison

Peter Shriver (2017-18), Bruce Finley (2015-16), Jim Rawlings (2014-15)